Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #598

I really don’t know what to say about this one……


2 Responses to “Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #598”

  1. Ben Reilly Says:

    What the hell is that on the cover?

    Am I glad that I don’t read that horrible book anymore. First they spend over a year trying to tell people there’s going to be a Spider-man book where everyone knows Peter Parker is Spider-man, yet they were lying because they only did a few pages of that and the rest was about Civil War or Aunt May being sick… AGAIN!… then they were always going to quit the whole idea.. it was all a big put on. Now, they want to convince readers that behind that ugly cover is something fun and exciting. Now they want readers to believe something is going to happen despite the fact that when they promised stuff happening they lied about it. What a terrible book.

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