Preview Art for Sinister Spider-Man #1

Comic Book Resourceshas provided a first glimpse at the upcoming Sinister Spider-Man comic. With Osborn in the leadership position he has started up his own bad of “heroes”. With Mac Gargan (aka the former Scorpion, aka Venom), as the all-new Spidey I think it’s safe to say that this ain’t your daddy’s friendly neighborhood hero and power and responsibility may be a thing of the past.

Out of all the hosts that have bonded with the Venom symbiote, Gargan has been the one that’s most susceptible to its monstrous influence. Brian Reed says it’s because Gargan is essentially a very weak willed person. “That goes back to when we first saw him show up way back in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #19, with Jonah Jameson hiring him to find Spider-Man,” he said. “Then he was just a detective doing a job, but his reaction to the fact that he couldn’t find Spider-Man was, ‘Yeah sure I’ll put on a suit and kill him.’ Mac wasn’t real right in the head to begin with.”

Check out the art by Chris Bachalo below and click the Link above for more info.



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