Green Lantern Corps #35 Preview

The road to Blackest Night continues in Green Lantern Corps #35. The solicit is as follows

Prelude to BLACKEST NIGHT! “Emerald Eclipse” continues as a Red Lantern escapes out of its sciencell and ignites a riot on Oa, forcing Guy, Kyle, Kilowog and Voz to try and prevent the ultimate jailbreak. Meanwhile, Sodam Yat and Arisia arrive on Daxam to stop Mongul and the Sinestro Corps. But how can they hope to stop an entire Corps? Plus: Sinestro arrives on Korugan in search of his daughter!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman; Variant Cover by Rodolfo Migliari

DC Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale April 15, 2009

Source: Newsarama




3 Responses to “Green Lantern Corps #35 Preview”

  1. Assassin Says:

    YO! Thanks for the links man! (actually i saw them on 20 min before you linked at lsp) 😛

  2. thegeekcorps Says:

    haha no worries. thanks for leaving a comment. spread the word if you can

  3. Sweet!

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