Green Lantern Movie News

It seems like with every passing day we are getting more and more news on the Green Lantern film. With the hopes of a December 10th 2010 release date pre-production is in full force. It has been reported that filming is scheduled to begin in Australia in mid-September. With a script written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Michael Green this is shaping up to be one of the best superhero films for the year. Actors on the short list to play the title character, Hal Jordan, are Chris Pine of Star Trek fame, Ryan Gosling (The Notebook), and Casey Affleck (Ocean’s 11). My hopes are for Chris Pine. I think he has the chops to pull off this roll and he definately has the look. Hit the link for more info on this film.


4 Responses to “Green Lantern Movie News”

  1. Cool. Isn’t this the movie that Seth Rogen is going to star in? I love that guy. He’s non-threatening and someone I can relate to. I’m rooting for him.

  2. thegeekcorps Says:

    You are thinking of Green Hornet. Seth Rogen better not be anywhere near this film.

  3. Oh, that’s right.
    Wow, is THE Greg Berlanti writing this? Hopefully he puts a little ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Everwood’ into the script. I’d love to see Sally Field and Calista Flockhart make cameos. Maybe Chris Pratt can play the Green Lantern.

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